Metabo Cutting Disc (16210)



  • Maximum working speed 80 m/s
  • Quality class
  • A 60-U
  • Diameter x thickness x bore
  • 105 x 1 x 16 mm
  • Version
  • straight
  • Maximum speed
  • 15300 rpm

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Product Details

  • The super-thin high-output disc especially for processing stainless steel
  • Super quick with a very long service life thanks to the use of special corundums
  • Low in iron, sulphur and chlorine (Fe + S + Cl ≤ 0.1 %)
  • For all rust and acid resistant steels (V2A, Nirosta, INOX), spring steels, tool steels
  • For use in the manufacture of vehicles, containers, car bodies, switch cabinets, etc.
  • Cutting discs for quiet, precise cutting, cuts without burrs
  • Hardness: hard


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